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Why Weather Conditions Affect Garage Doors

11/29/2014 Back To Blog

What's the weather today? Is it sunny, rainy or cold? The bad news is that both smiling and frowning days will have some effect on your overhead door. Some regions also experience extreme temperatures and some areas are hurricane prone. Bad news for garage doors! The truth is that anything left exposed in the natural environment will go under some transformation. All materials have a certain reaction under different circumstances.

Why Weather Conditions Affect Garage DoorsEven people are influenced by the weather conditions. We get tanned and sweaty under the sun and tremble during a cold day. So, it's hardly strange that garage doors have a reaction, too. The bad thing is that they are too significant, precious and expensive! We cannot afford having a door, which won't be able to withstand weather differentiations and fluctuations at least to the minimum. On top of that, don't forget that garage door maintenance will be needed more often with consequences to our pocket.

Modern solutions are practical and fight the problem

The external conditions affect our doors in different ways. Lubricants might dry easier out and some materials will crack or extend during extreme heat. Extreme cold will freeze garage door parts and make the movement of the door even harder. High moisture is the worst enemy. It will warp wood, erode steel and make the dirt collected in the garage door tracks sticky. These things are natural. Don't forget that materials react differently under heat, moisture or cold. It's not coincidental that manufacturers varnish wood doors and zinc coat the ones made of steel. It's not surprising that many people living close to the sea - where there is increased moisture - prefer to get glass garage doors.

Wood is a natural material and absorbs moisture; that's why it warps. When steel comes in contact with oxygen and moisture, it rusts. This is the typical behavior of common materials used in the garage door industry and that's why materials are now processed to be more resistant. In fact, for wood lovers manufacturers also offer the chance to get composite lumber, which is the perfect replica of natural wood. It has the good looks of wood but not its disadvantages. As it seems, synthetic materials are more resilient to the weather conditions just because they are produced to be resistant.

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